Tatyana Laritskaya-Chernyuk

Founder of the Academy of Femininity and Successful Development. Certified psychologist. Gestalt Consultant. Systemic Constellator. Active Member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League of the Russian Federation (PPL RF). Member of the Bert Hellinger School (Germany). Specialist in oriental therapeutic methods. Master of RPT (Rapid Personal Transformation).


  • Altai State Medical University (Pharmacy Department)
  • Moscow Institute of Textile and Light Industry (Economics and Management Department)
  • Tomsk State University (Psychology Department)

Courses and Seminars

  • Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama («Introduction to Gestalt Therapy; Gestalt Consulting. Contact with yourself and others») (2005-2006)
  • Strategies of Family Consulting (Eileen Bobrow, CA, USA). (Tomsk, 2005)
  • Professional Psychotherapeutic League of the Russian Federation. Courses:
    • «A Word as a Source for Success» (2008)
    • «Support and Frustration in Fundamental Psychoterapeutic Approaches» (2008)
    • «Success Sources» (2008)
    • «Empathic Understanding» (2009)
    • «Kinesiology. Module I: Working Tools. Module II: Correction System «Whole Brain» (2010)
  • Lise Bourbeau International School (Canada). Courses:
    • Listen to your Body (2010)
    • Methaphysics of Illnesses and Ailments (2010)
  • Institute of Consulting and Systemic Solutions (Moscow). Course: Systemic and Phenological Approach and Systemic Constellations (2010-2012)
  • The Bert Hellinger School, Germany. (New Systemic Constellations. St. Petersburg, 2012)
  • Participated in the Second International Eurasian Congress on Systemic Constellations «TIME OF CHANGES» (Moscow, 2011)

Additional Education

  • Basics of Chinese Medicine (Nicola Pfeffer, Germany) (Tomsk, 2004)
  • Robert Ilinskas Thai (Yoga) Massage School
    • Basic Course of Thai (Yoga) Massage (traditional and relaxational Thai massage) (2007)
    • Special Course of Thai (Yoga) Massage (working with biologically active points, spinal oil massage, Thai oil massage, Indian oil massage) (2007)
  • Free University of Samadeva (France)
  • Dervish Yoga. Samadeva Euphonic Movements
  • Traditional Manual Medicine: Hakim back massage (Tomsk, 2014)
  • Rushel Blavo School:
    • Courses: «Basics of Traditional Medicine» (2012-2014) — received a Suggestologist qualification.
                  «Basics of Parapsychology and Esoteric» (Moscow, 2013) — received a Valeologist qualification.
  • Elite master classes by Rushel Blavo:
    • Lake Baikal, Altai Mountains
    • Mexico
    • Philippines (World Treatment Center)
    • Southeast Asia (Island of Treatment Meditations and Fulfillment of Wishes)
    • Simon Rose (Australia):
  • RPT Courses. Rapid Personal Transformation Methods (Levels 1,2,3) — received a Master of RPT qualification.
  • Richard Vartlett (USA)
  • MATRIX ENERGETICS Course. “Transformations” Seminar (A Trip Beyond The Quantum) (Moscow, 2014)


Phone: +7 (3822) 59-06-88, +7-913-829-06-88
E-mail: ChernjukTB_tomsk@mail.ru